oneAklan joins Negosyo Links 2019 in Boracay


The Department of Trade and Industry – DTI Aklan successfully launched once again Negosyo Links 2019; an event held in La Carmela de Boracay Resort Hotel last August 20, 2019 with participants coming from the different part of Panay Region like in Aklan, Antique, and Capiz. The said event has been filled showcasing different kinds of local products from the food to non-food category that attracts an array of potential buyers, clients, and consumers coming from different sectors in the Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Industry.

It was also a vital opportunity to all MSMEs and even to newly joined entrepreneurs to have their presence during the event for everyone heard the concerns raised by the buyers or clients which just resonates into one symphony; that is crucially high demand of supply in the island of Boracay and if we’re capable enough to have sustainable supplies for all establishments who has been in dire need and scouting if Aklan and other neighboring provinces in Panay can be able to do so rather that importing products and fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables from as far as from Mindoro, Romblon, and even up to Davao which dramatically increase the cost of all the goods they need in face-phased industry in the island. Another concern lacking is the high demand of seafoods, poultry (preferably eggs), processed meats, and more while being cautious on how to avoid high fuel carbon emissions that will consequentially affect both the price and our environment as well if supplies will come far from our province as discussed during the open forum.

On the other hand, we are grateful that oneAklan has been given the floor to share and promote that we already have this very 1st online E-Commerce platform here in Aklan that will close the gap and will consolidate all MSMEs into one that can be a huge help to all the potential buyers, clients, and partners in business to easily track the needs that they’ve been looking for, which gathered the interest of our guest from different Hotel and Restaurant establishments in Boracay island. Lastly, after the introduction and small open forum, all MSMEs even the new ones that participated in the event already knew their target market and even strategized into filling those loopholes on how we can ensure that the local market here in Aklan and Panay can be the provide and be the answer of a sustainable supply for the island’s high demand.

Our big hopes looking forward for a greater future for all Aklan MSMEs and the economy of the province.

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