What is oneAklan-GO?

oneAklan-GO is an on demand service for communities. We are building a community of micro entrepreneurs(Taskers) by providing local skilled services, errands, deliveries, and many more. We also offer convenience to our users.

Hire a tasker, be a tasker, or be both. The tasker helps the customer by providing the service they need, while the customer helps the tasker earn extra income.


How to use oneAklan-GO

Download the oneAklan-GO app now!

Do you want to be a oneAklan-GO Tasker?

Follow the three easy steps below!.


Click the “as Tasker” button as shown in the picture below.

Fill the spaces below with your details and other information.

Click the save icon to finish the process and to start working as tasker.

Be part of the oneAklan-GO community!


Get real-time GPS tracking from booking to delivery when you book through oneAklan-GO. The Taskers are verified through a vetting process, you can view their rating and give them feedback on their service too.



Turn your mobile phones to a powerful device that can do different services based on the services that you can provide. Provide services that you can offer to the customers. Every tasker and vehicle are screened upon registration and must maintain a star rating above set minimum.



Hire a tasker, be a tasker, or be both. The tasker helps the customer to provide the service that they need, while the customer helps the tasker to earn extra cash.



Performs services at your convenience:
24/7 operations, customer support, and peer-to-peer messaging so you can communicate with your Tasker.


oneAklan-GO Features

  • The UI of the application is very good and organized.
  • You can see the locations of the tasker in real-time.
  • You'll see all your past transactions in the History button.
  • Running low on money in wallet? You can top-up using your paypal account or through BPI by depositing in our bank account.
  • Your friend doesn't have a wallet balance? Transfer some of your wallet balance right away. Just make sure to input the correct email and amount.
  • You can also transfer your load wallet directly to your PayPal account by just clicking the "Payout" button..

  • Add a service that you can provide to the customer. Give the right information and price on your service.
  • You can edit your service anytime if you want to change something.
  • Having a difficulty in tracking your service? You can use the search bar provided in the Manage Services page to find your own service.
  • Create your own account now and be part of the oneAklan-GO Community!
  • Customize your own profile and other information easily!
  • Change your password to boost the security of your account.
  • Forgotten your password? Log-out your account and click the "Forgot Password" button that you see in the screen. Put the email that you used when creating the account and then hit the send button! Your email will get instantly the new password that you can use to log-in your account.
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